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3D printing in Germany

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3D printing in Germany – easy, fast and cheap

3D Druck München is a leading 3D printing service with Germany-wide shipping. The goal of the company is to make 3D printing as easily accessible as possible for everyone. There is an online price calculator for this, which is kept simple. There is neither a large selection of materials, nor different 3D printing processes or a very large range of colors. The individual ordering steps are described with photos so that the user knows exactly what is happening.

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So you can have your 3D model printed

Proper preparation is important when 3D printing the STL file. The 3D model must be constructed and saved in mm (not cm or m etc.) as the STL file format only saves coordinates but not the dimension.
In addition, the 3D template must be error-free. The free Windows 3D builder can be helpful for both of these problems. This sometimes recognizes the correct dimension and can save the model in mm. The model is also checked for errors and corrected.


  1. The correctly dimensioned and error checked 3D model (STL file) can then be uploaded to the calculator. From here, ordering the STL file is very easy.
    The uploaded file is checked and oriented in such a way that 3D printing is quick and therefore inexpensive.
  2. Now select the color and the interior filling. Photos support the process to see what is the best choice for the object. In addition, the number of the model is determined and the whole thing is placed in the shopping cart. If another STL file is to be printed, this process is repeated again with the other 3D template.
  3. At the end, the billing and shipping address is simply entered and the order is shipped. We check the file again for printability and confirm the conclusion of the contract and 3D printing order in a separate email. As soon as the STL file has been printed, you will receive the invoice via email, the shipping confirmation with tracking number and the invoice again with the model sent.


The author of this article is 3D Druck Munich, your competent partner for professional 3D printing with Germany-wide shipping. We have been active in the field of 3D printing for many years and have extensive experience and know-how. Our team consists of qualified engineers, designers and technicians who offer you individual advice, high-quality print products and reliable service. Please contact us for a non-binding offer.
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